Saturday, September 25, 2004

I AM the new Victor Meldrew

Feel absolutely awful. Cold getting too old to sit in front of computer into the middle of the night without my cardigan. Put the heating on before I went to sleep and wole up to dessicated lungs. Delirious as I tried to do laundry today.

Victor meldrew is a character from a tv comedy programme, who is full of incomprehension at the inexplicably unhelpful thingsd that can happen as one approaches retirement age. Felt very Victor Meldrew as I rested in my sickbed when the kids next door decided to wind up the pets, and than play football against the fence while blasting out their stereo.

Hopefully by the time I am living the fabulous lifestyle again, these early posts of despair and self pity will, be so far in the back of this blog, that no one will bother to dig them out to read.

Have learnt though what shapes the blogs of others though. Most of what I said in my last post is potentially libellous. Told ex that I had started it and he wanted to know the name and to decide the picture I put in the profile - 'the nice one with short hair.' A blog does put you in the position of a journalist. How can you reveal your sources, when the sources don't know they're sources, or sauces. Which is why, I guess, most blogs are comment as opposed to reportage. I so want to change that. Field trips to the mall to scout for stories?

Spose problem is, my social circle has been having such interesting times, transplants, suicide attempts, court cases, new bath lifts, that my life has become Dull !

I feel so ill!

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Davina said...

Oh, don't worry about that post that you believed to be libelous.

Just put a disclaimer on the blog that denies any link to persons living, dead or from the Labour Government, you'll be fine.