Monday, April 11, 2005

Another day in paradise

beautiful weather today, but having been up all night identifying 19th century sculpture, I didn't get up today till 2.0pm. Still good westher to take the dust bunnies round the park. Havn't seen the jack russell called audrey this year.

Got a helpful email from the Royal Collection re one of the statues. And an email regarding Grandmother's flat. I come from a long line of packrats, one aunt, whoselifestyle was mobile, for proffesional reasons I add, had a caravan just for her treasures. the place resembles Tutankhamun's tomb already, and now that she's in a home all the effects and specimens? [couldn't think of a better word] of her enormous extended family will have to be gone through and then ........ well that's the question.

On the other side of my family, my patenernal great aunt, who married at a great age, 50 I think, and that was i the sixties, left when she died an untouched timecapsule for my grandmother to deal with. Miss Havisham's gaff had nothing on this place. The great aunt's husbands family had moved in in 1899, and when the children left home, most of what they owned seemed to have been left behind.

I uased to go there as a child and once tea had been served, would wander through the rooms looking for treasure. In one of the bedrooms, and these rooms weren't small, a creeper had come in through the sash window, down along the floor, under the huge double bed, and was working it's now pale way up the opposite wall. I tried to part the curtains and they were just dust in my hand. Still I used to come away with all sorts of things, with permission of course. Mother of pearl opera glasses, frames. I came across collars, cut throat razors, top hats, copies of Dickens. My favourite things were the mountainous pieces of mahogany furniture, never quite managed that of course.

Will be interesting to see what turns up this time.

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