Sunday, December 04, 2005

What are you like!

Well here's my first attempt at blogging under the influence, after spending the evening with my dissipated younger brother.

Shame on you lot, haven't you heard of "internalised homophobia?"

What queen would be so amateur, to think it important how old the shorts she was selling were, or a unique selling point. I think the joke is on the pooves. I hasten to add I found this on ebay while searching through "menswear, "and not on "gay int!"

I tell you babes, I'm this close to disappearring into a parady blog, just can't decide my alter ego, maybe Sybil is the one.

Here's to the international feeding frenzy every time I post an entry.

Hyperlinks? That's trying too hard!


Lenny said...

Internalised homophobia? I think you're probably right. I also think your commenters are also being slightly tongue-in-cheek and not altogether serious in what they're saying.

I must say, your readership is a bit on the mental side. What on earth is that Elaine all about? She's like the original desperate housewife. She needs some cock. Love that Trash Addict guy too, v.good blog.

Love your blog Kleverkloggs, keep it up.

kleverkloggs said...

I wasn't being very serious myself!

Lubin said...

Thankyou Lenny. You have taste and class. I love you.