Thursday, April 07, 2005

I'm back? Where did I go?

Weell I get my paid tomorrow, so I don't have to feed my dogs anymore cheese.

Last night more psycho drama with the ex. 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' has nothing on us.

Well the squalor continues -

Looking up site to do with mental health and the arts tonight. Visited my grandmother in her nuring home this afternoon. Went down well with all the old ladies. One of the visitors, no spring chicken herself, made me blanche when Noel Coward came up in the conversation. Seems a resident upstairs was an old freind of Noel. @Oh yes he had a flat opposite the toilets where the Duke of Kent used to go cottaging. Of course the Duchess was just his walker. I was left quite speechless. Of Course my mother , who was present at the time, felt the need to out me in the most subtle un subletle way possible. I personally feel I might as well donate my genetalia to a museum.

It's a mad mad world. If I wasn't so tired I'd make more sense. Hope the new issue of Vanity Fair is out tomorrow. Must paint the kitchen and sort out my portfolio.