Monday, December 31, 2012

School of Saatchi 2010 (2009)

First round 12 artists, second round 6, with one winner at the end.

Episode 1

Ben Cohen
Saad Qureshi


Life drawing.

Eugenie Scrase

Suki Chan

Giles Ripley

Tiago Lisboa

Ben Lowe

Episode 2

Ben Cohen

Episode 3

Episode 4

Samuel Zealey,
Elliot Wilcox,
Iain Andrews,
Eugenie Scrase,
Rhys Himsworth,
Tiago Lisboa,
Giles Ripley,
Matt Clark,
Saad Qureshi,
Ben Lowe,
Claudia Borgna,
Suki Chan.

Friday, December 28, 2012

In search of a DVD extra

Looking for a DVD extra where Hugh Weaving has his face cast for a fight scene in a Matrix film.

It doesn't help that the DVDs require it's own software to play them.

Next, what is the scene called ? Which film and subsequently which DVD is it on ?

Matrix March 1999

Matrix Reloaded May 2003

Matrix Revolutions November 2003

All I can remember is a lot of rain, and multiple Hugo Weaving - Agent Smith (I'm avoiding plurals) watching Kean Reeves - Neo fighting in the rain.

The dvd extra shows the mask of Hugo Weaving being made and worn by extras and puppets.

Unhelpfully the software means I can't access the films as a timeline, only as scene chapters.

Starting with the third film Matrix Revolutions which shows multiple Agent Smith s on the cover in the rain - the scene I am looking for !

This is despite looking though Wikipedia Amazon etc for a description of the dvd extra I am looking for - with no success.

Computer crashed start again.

Back again.

Starting with Matrix Revolutions Disc One. The actual film I presume.

Initial Menu is

Play Movie




I went for scenes, the menu for which comes up after a pointless few second long trailer for something blowing up. 

The menu is for scenes

1 - 6

7 - 12

13 - 18

19 - 24

25 - 30

31 - 33

So it assumes you know the film backwards to know which subset the scene you want is in.

I went for scene 27 - Bingo ! Lots of sneering Agent Smith s, rain etc. This is the scene I am looking for.

But no sign of plaster casting.

Well this is the scene, and therefore the film, so the extra I am looking for must be on either this disc one or disc two surely ?

I try Features. After another pointless trailer, of Neo / Keanu Reeves jumping in front of a train I am offered 


Web Links

Trailers gives me 

The Matrix

The Matrix Reloaded

The Animatrix

The Matrix Revolutions

WTF are "The Animatrix" ? "What are the Animatrix ? Nine animated stories." Yawn.


"Insert this disc into your cd-rom for additional content."

It's in a cd-rom !

"For more about the matrix online game, go to"

Eff off ! 

Assuming there isn't extra content on Disc one, lets try Disc two !

It keeps wanting to play from where I last played it. having problems accessing the main menu with Inter Actual (just how old is that software ?)

Finally get to the main menu. I am offered . . . 

Disc Two - Main Menu

Revolutions Recalibrated  

CG Revolution

Super Burly Brawl



I try Operator - it rings a bell !

That leads me to 


Neo Realism 

Super Big Mini Models

Double Agent Smith

Mind Over Matter

I try "Double Agent Smith" the scene in the film 

Bingo !

And you can buy the mask here 

So it's Matrix Revolutions, disc two, Operator, Double Agent Smith.

Just som of the dialogue . . . . 

Hugo Weaving

"The super brawl essentially between me and all the other Smiths standing on and watching like a football crowd.

John Gaeta. Visual Effects Supervisor

day and age to do the hybrid flm of live action and visual effects you gotta be able to do some 


This is all I've found on the net . . .


Monday, December 10, 2012

When I see a body - I think of my own body . . . . .

Do you look at bodies to forget your own body ? . . . . 

Monday, December 03, 2012