Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Through the round window.

Well, isn't it hot in the Big Brother House today!

Big Ted is in the garden with Little Ted.

Big Ted - "Omigod, it's been so long, they're gonna have to open my ass-crack with harpoon.

Little Ted - "Really! I'm trying to preserve as much masculinity as possible."

Mysterious hands descend to help Little Ted swish back into the house.

Meanwhile, in a studio nearby.

Jemima - "I so hate that Hamble. I just know she's going to be all over Brian Cant now I'm not in the house.

With she collapses on the floor, her lanky striped legs all akimbo.

Technical note. I've been trying to do a skit now for two weeks on Lea, can't find orange balloons anywhere, but then it's no longer topical. Could anyone help me out with an image of Jemima? How I mis those big rosy Cheeks.