Thursday, March 08, 2007

What Price a Diva?

So, Alec Guinness' old tea towel goes for £45,000 plus premium and tax at Bonham's Sale - The Angels Star Collection of Film & TV Costumes. I was intrigued in Lot #185+, a showgirl outfit from the Bond film "Octopussy" feeling certain I'd seen it some where else.

Whaddya know. Annie Lennox had yanked it out of the dressing up box to wear in the video for her 1992 single "Why," and album artwork for "Diva." It went for £360 plus premium and tax, but then Annie did seem to pick it for it's worn out tackiness. Any way, the evidence......

And for someone who's alot funnier about all this kind of thing

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Show pity on the poor wretch that is this blog. So little that I dare report, that Google is such an efficent little snooper.

Absolutely at loggerheads with my paranoid neighbour. He has spent the whole day blasting me out with Beanie man [yes I know I've misspelt it, I dont want him snapping at my heels via Google.] Funny thing about paranoia, those who do not trust are not trustworthy. It was all I could do not to laugh when he was nearly run over by traffic trying to cross the road to avoid me last night.

Spent two hours grooming the furballs that are my dogs, only for it to pour down all day today. Can you scotchguard dogs? I once shared airspace with Linda Evans / Sue Ellen, and all we talked about was "Scotchguard TM" Go figure! They're not "bloodclat shit-zoos" but they're not waterproof all the same.