Monday, February 21, 2011

today's the day . . . . .

Took part in a study in hoarding in the morning, questionaires etc. Only pretext on which I'd have two clinical psychologists indoors. We all jumped out of our skins when the baliffs knocked on the door, on behalf of the water board.

Etching class in the afternoon.

Proof print

Quick sketch which I didn't use, was asked by other student if I'd draw her portrait, I'll be safe working Leicester Square in a picnic chair and easel at this rate.

Went back to studio to discover half naked fellow student painting, and spent hours looking for expensive brush I found the minute I got home. Did a bit of priming, fixed the u-bend in the studio sink, came home and fed the dogs and administered ear drops. No mention of absinthe so far eh?

The night is still young . . . . . .

just a couple of paintings . . .

Rididulously dark, will have to re-photograph.

Again too dark.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

this week last . . . .

Self-portrait. Pencil [H grade] on paper that's just too rough. I reach a plateau where I can't get any darker in the tones. Apart from fudging the nose, I gave up below the chin.

Second attempt where I struggled so much with the "tooth" of the paper, I appear to have changed race.

One of the many studies I've done, from the many studies I've done, with reflective cards.

Carrying on the mark making/ cross hatching I thought I'd try mark making in 3D. This cast in plaster from clay. The pressure from each line cut with a knife closed the one before, realise I need to PRESS into the clay.

. . . . and what I wake up to every morning.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Fernand Pelez

Grimaces and Misery, 1888 221 cm x 625 cm

Note to self, as I am sick of having to refind this artist again and again . . .