Friday, April 07, 2006

This folder is empty.

It's spring! The sun is finally shining - on the cracks of my broken heart.

been in my head intellectually this winter, I'm practically a book. I'm officially chainsmoking now, expensive I know, for all sorts of reasons. [Perhaps they sell fags on ebay? Actually buy something useful. Dreamt this morning I went to Venice, with you know who. I know dreams are dull, mine are incredibly detailed, I even bought handmade decorations made by the hoteliers ugly daughter. The one who dropped us all in the Grand Canal taking too tight a turn on the vaporetti. What does that signify? Course there was all the usual surreal stuff, like walking across the ballroom at the Palazzo Rezzinico on trampolines suspended mid-air. X had to work, admittedly at more historical premises than in reality. Felt v.jealous of the customers who all went for his Ming the Merciless look, though I know on waking that he's been in the thrall of the incestuous pair of Mike Skinner lookalike brothers recently.

I know it's just the rythmns of something or other, my gentic code is wanting to get spliced literally, and we know we've been there before, havn't we? [I'm talking to myself at this point] So get back in the box, my bleeding heart, I busy eating an easter egg.

[It is a diary, after all!]