Friday, April 07, 2006

This folder is empty.

It's spring! The sun is finally shining - on the cracks of my broken heart.

been in my head intellectually this winter, I'm practically a book. I'm officially chainsmoking now, expensive I know, for all sorts of reasons. [Perhaps they sell fags on ebay? Actually buy something useful. Dreamt this morning I went to Venice, with you know who. I know dreams are dull, mine are incredibly detailed, I even bought handmade decorations made by the hoteliers ugly daughter. The one who dropped us all in the Grand Canal taking too tight a turn on the vaporetti. What does that signify? Course there was all the usual surreal stuff, like walking across the ballroom at the Palazzo Rezzinico on trampolines suspended mid-air. X had to work, admittedly at more historical premises than in reality. Felt v.jealous of the customers who all went for his Ming the Merciless look, though I know on waking that he's been in the thrall of the incestuous pair of Mike Skinner lookalike brothers recently.

I know it's just the rythmns of something or other, my gentic code is wanting to get spliced literally, and we know we've been there before, havn't we? [I'm talking to myself at this point] So get back in the box, my bleeding heart, I busy eating an easter egg.

[It is a diary, after all!]


kleverkloggs said...

God misery is so twee.

Trashbinder said...

Nah, it's part of life's rich tapestry. I too have vivid dreams with inordinate detail.

I still haven't worked out why I was on a 1970s style 52 seater coach, on a railway track. There were no seats, but lots of tables with check tablecloths. My old geography teacher kept appearing and there was no visible driver.

We then arrived in Hamburg, but the place was devoid of people. I ended up wandering into some shops which were all open and unattended, before stripping in the town square.

A policeman then hosed me down after I had washed myself with Pears Soap.

And you feel there's too much detail in yours?

You may chain smoke, but I buy CDs that I never play. It's the 'have' factor. At least you'll have cancer to show for it, or something.

That was a joke. I'm a cunt somedays.

kleverkloggs said...

Ha ha ha ha cough cough cough ha ha!

Tina Thompson's Terrific Twat said...

Erekj tei sihhdey shui xikdy, bos theep tyheh leiodhy fornel?

kleverkloggs said...

Yer what?

Harry Friedman said...

Are you seeking to be the twelve blog entries in a year blogger or what? An update would be very welcome, as you're an extremely entertaining blogger - and I miss you greatly!

Come back to me, I'm begging you please!