Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blomfield Crescent . . .

The use of the name 'Blomfield' presumably come from the Bishop of London at the time Charles Blomfield, Bishop of London 1828 - 1856. Much of the land in this area historically belonged to the Bishop of London.

Harrow Road.

1 - 2 Blomfield Crescent. Between Harrow Road and Upper Westbourne Terrace.

Trinity C E school next to Bayswater Synagogue in the distance. "Opened 1864 as National School for mixed juniors and infants. Founded as a result of re-organisation of Paddington Parochial Schools in 1861. In 1903 was listed as Holy Trinity, Harrow Road, when it had accommodation for 547 pupils. Closed by1951"

3 - 5 Blomfield Crescent. Between Upper Westbourne Terrace and Blomfield Street (now Blomfield Villas)

6 - 7 Blomfield Crescent. Between Blomfield Road and Harrow Road

#6 was the home of the Maguire family of artists.

Between Harrow Road and Westbourne Bridge - The New Red Lion Pub. The previous Red Lion Pub, was sited further west.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lord Hills Road

"The Blue Lamp" 1950






Monday, January 12, 2015

British cinema 1960 -


The Battle Of The Sexes

Sink The Bismark

Never Takes Sweets From A Stranger

Conspiracy Of Hearts

The Angry Silence

The League Of Gentlemen

Peeping Tom

Cone Of Silence (Trouble In The Sky)

The Day They Robbed The Bank Of England

Oscar Wilde

The Trials Of Oscar Wilde

Never Let Go

Sons And Lovers

Light Up The Sky!_%28film%29

The Millionairess

Saturday Night And Sunday Morning

The Criminal (The Concrete Jungle)

Tunes Of Glory

The World Of Suzy Wong


No Love For Johnnie

Whistle Down The Wind


A Taste Of Honey

The Innocents

The Full Treatment

The Long And The Short And The Tall

The Rebel

Very Important Person

Mr Topaze

The Greengage Summer

Flame In The Streets

The Kitchen

The Young Ones


It's Trad Dad

A Kind Of Loving

Term Of Trial


The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner

Billy Budd

Dr No

Live Now - Pay  Later

The L-shaped Room

Lawrence Of Arabia

Only Two Can Play

The Waltz Of The Toreadors

Some People

Life For Ruth

The Dock Brief

The Wild And The Willing


This Sporting Life

Thursday, January 08, 2015

leo the last 1970

Testerton Street looking north 1969

"In the archive, I came across the touching story of one couple, still living on the road at No 27 and waiting to be rehoused. Arthur and Grace Clark refused the offer of £50 to have their terrace house sprayed black.
“We could do with the money really,” said Mrs Clark, who had lived all her life in the house. “But if we agreed to let them paint our house, the vandals would get busy, as they would think it’s empty.”

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