Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Same old, same old.

Interesting to read the blog of a recent commenter, and to be reminded what it is to have a social life.

Last trip out, was with my brother!, where he felt the need to explain my profession was being boring, when I didn't realise the lady chatting me up, was doing it for her friend nearby. What happened to - "My friend likes you."

I should be getting Broadband back, having been stuck with Dial-up since I mucked up the direct debits. Blogger refuses to uplaod anything unless I am using someonelse's pc, when I don't have access to my picture files. Hence the paucity of my entries.

Stinking cold, but I did see Mark Owen at the end of my road, when I stumbled to the chemists for lemsip. Oh and one of my dogs picked a fight with Orlando Bloom's dog in the park. The other one's on heat, and he's being a male chauvinist. "Looking at my bird are ya?" Wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't only about a foot and a half long. She meanwhile, after bleeding all over the duvet [no it's not a rosebud print] is now humping everything in sight in frustration. Know how you feel girl.


Trashbinder said...

When I moved house last November, the only live telephone point in the house was upstairs on the third floor.

Luckily, I remembered that I had been given a free wireless broadband tool that enabled me to hook up to the neighbour's wireless modem.

We happily rode off their connection for three months until a new phone socket was installed in the study. Result.

Trudie said...

Today I learned all about my uterus in sex eduction.

I think I'm in love with you.

What gender are you, it doesn't matter.