Friday, March 24, 2006

He's Back!

I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that my beauty role model is very far from deceased - don't listen to the internet, it's full of misinformation.

David Hoyle will be performing his one-man show "SOS." at The Royal Exchange Studio, Manchester on 27th May 2006. Tickets £8.50.

"David Hoyle's Show of Shows is inspired by Seaside Specials of the 1970's, with sensational songs, complex choreography and in-depth conversation. SOS is an autobiographical, inclusive experience with topical references and flashes of spontaneity. Come along to share an evening of mutual discovery. David Hoyle is an artist. His medium is often himself so he has many faces, most memorably The Divine David. Supported by Queer Up North Studio.

Director, Sarah Frankcom, Costumes by Sandy Powell, THE Sandy Powell?"


Ya Kid K said...

Fuck me. The Divine David's still around!

He still looks like he's decomposing though.

Do you style your make up on him or summat? You do your lipstick much nicer I reckon.

redhairedqueer said...

Saw David on stage with Justin Bond on Monday doing an alternative Desert Island Discs type thing. Hilarious!

kleverkloggs said...

FUCK! I've only just stopped recieving literature from the Soho Theatre, when I took X to see Pieter Dirk Uys. FUCK I'm never going to make it to Manchester. FUCK!

Tanya Turner's Tits said...

Such language! Would you kiss your Mother with that mouth?

kleverkloggs said...