Wednesday, October 18, 2006


"Madonna's Personal Assistant brings new Malawian son through Heathrow."

Seems as if Madonna's business empire has now extended to smuggling illegal immigrants. She's gonna have fun with all the fake visas, when the in-laws all want to come over for the Christening.

They should have known what was up when Madge was flapping her bingo-wings in an effort to hide the fact that she was probably the only person in Malawi of her age to still have all her own teeth, and not be responsible for all her aids-orphaned grandchildren.

Shame, noones posted the harry Enfield sketch, where Waynetta demands a black baby, cos all the other mothers on the estate/project have at least black child. Hence the title of this post.

If you can't be happy, be bitter.

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Trashbinder said...

Do you think Guy regrets giving her £5000 for her birthday and saying 'here you are darlin', go and get yourself a little black number'?