Saturday, December 09, 2006

Contains moderate sex and emotional intensity.

"Winds of Change at Castle Rising." 1978

By Fanny Cradock.

An excerpt. . . .

‘Tell me just one thing. Have you ever slept with a girl?’

‘You know I haven’t’ – indignantly – ‘what a question, from you!’

‘It’s a perfectly normal question to a young man of nearly twenty-one. Your cousin Stephen seduced one when he was fourteen and she had a baby!’

Lucien started up. ‘I think you’ve gone mad. Are you suggesting I should try to start a baby with some beastly girl?’

‘In a sense yes,’ Piers’ voice was harsh, ‘at least no, not a baby, but just that you find out by having sexual relations with a girl before . . . well before you do anything else,’ he finished lamely.

‘But I don’t want to.’

‘How do you know if you haven’t tried?’

‘I don’t get erections from girls but I do from boys,’ Lucien said sounding very cross. ‘Piers we have drunk all the champagne, shall I open another bottle? Are we going to sit here all night talking about you not wanting to make love to me any more because I suppose you have fallen for some stinking black Indian princeling.’

‘Christ! Is that what you think?’

‘Well, no, but oh do shut up and let’s go out to dinner and have fun as we always do together. I’ve had another perfectly splendid season and London simply adores me and my clothes."

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