Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Audience With David Hoyle . . . . .

Face to Face - An Audience with David Hoyle from Homotopia on Vimeo.

An interview with a total inspiration.

David very kindly agreed to an interview with me around last Easter, as part of my H.N.C. course, running 2010-11. It was the first time I have ever interviewed anyone, and we managed round my phone not recording the begining and most intense part of the interview.

I had all sorts of fears that areas would not be covered and other strayed into unecessarily, it's easy to feel protective towards David, and it didn't go as well on my part as I would have wished.

The subsequent essay was a mess, too long rambling etc, and I scraped through the rest of the course and hid over the summer from the consequences of failing, and not making it onto the BA at Chelsea.

It all seemed to work out in the end, and I spent this afternoon listening to, as well as talking about my own, proposals for the small Performance Art exhibition next week.

When I first saw David's work live, it was all I could do to leave the house, and inspired by his example, I've come a long way.

It hurts to hear David so suprised to be called talented. I do feel that when an individual is so undermined existentially they can be compelled to re balance their predicament in a way that uses visibility as a medium, but proof that one really is in a bind is that the conventions of fame and show business ask too much of one so marginalised in every other way.

I am yet again trying to refocus, change and re orientate myself for the third year running, just as my whole means of material existence is threatened and questioned. Like a dog on a chain, there's only so far I can go before I am yanked back and my progress is stalled.

Looking forward to the first night of "David's Winter Warmer" tomorrow night ! How do we all keep going ?

Now have to get the graph paper out in readiness for a tutorial tomorrow. The piece I am planning is to be called "In My Space". This song has been 'in my head' the last few days . . . .

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