Saturday, December 03, 2011

Whatever you're doing, this is [usually] what I'm doing . . . .

10.06 Mins

12.00 mins

10.01 mins

begun, as I had my camera on me, after a child started screaming and throwing stones at my dogs as we entered the park. This part of my life is largely hidden as you cannot take dogs anywhere now . . . . It's also something that is very sentimentalized, but in fact is boring, repeptitive, often very bleak in the winter, and since I had one dog killed, always with anticipation of violence . . . . .

it was interesting (to me) how I immediately began to astheticize the shoot, not speaking, moving slowly, and how all the other activities that go on in the park are happened upon . . . . it's also a park where a lot of filming takes place, for film television, commercials - all without prior warning.

i've also used stills from video, and its a reminder how fleeting images can be, the preview still on this page for example.

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