Sunday, April 07, 2013

Chris Killip

Aricle in the Telegraph Magazine, on Chris Killpip, photographer due to the upcoming show at the Photographers Gallery London

This image particularly intrigued me . . .  in the magazine it's titled "housing and Swan Hunter's Shipyard. Wallesend, 1975.

I noticed the street sign "Gerald Street".

Turns out to be the birthplace of Sting in 1951.

"Leslie Street together with neighbouring streets, Hunter Street, Davis Street, Gerald Street and Camp Road are now demolished allowing for the excavations of the Roman Fort Segedunum.

"Eventually, in 1884, the whole fort disappeared under terraced housing. . . . . North Tyneside Council provided accommodation in the newly built Battle Hill Estate for the owners of all the houses demolished."

"Segedunum: The 'most excavated' fort on Hadrian's Wall"

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