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Angell's House on Stockwell Common, later known as Stockwell Park House, located at the west end of Stockwell Park Walk.
It was demolished to make way for Speenham and Benedict Roads.
Coloured engraving, published by Robert Sayer & Co, 12th September 1792.

 Stockwell Park House, from the garden.

On part of Harris Field opposite Stockwell Common at the west end of the present Stockwell Park Walk, John Angell erected a large house. (ref. 69) The house later became known as Stockwell Park House, and the pleasure grounds attached to it extended as far as Brixton Road; they included Harris Field, Long Field and ten acres of copyhold land held of Lambeth Manor. (ref. 70) John Angell junior lived in the house after his father's death and stipulated in his will that either Stockwell or Crowhurst should be the chief residence of the family. (ref. 71) In 1790 his heir's widow leased the house to Thomas James of Stamford Street. (ref. 72) There is a plan of the house and grounds drawn in 1803, when part of the garden comprising the ten acres of Lambeth Manor copyhold was sold. (ref. 22) By 1826 the house had been turned into a school; (ref. 73) it was pulled down about 1882 when Benedict and Speenham Roads were made. (ref. 74)

Brixton Tabernacle
Speenham Road. 1963

 Now gone, Speenham Road ran parallel to Benedict Road, adjacent to Rumsey Road, and it suffered damage from the flying bomb raid of 17 July 1944.

Benedict John Browne Angell (1780-1856)

Speenham Road was east of Benedict Road.

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