Thursday, June 12, 2014

Raffaelle Monti - Metropolitan Museum of Art

1845: “La Dama velata” of Raffaele Monti - Il Castello Di Racconigi

1847: Veiled Vestal - Chatsworth

Victoria and Albert Museum

1854: Metropolitan Museum of Art

"After some forty years in the trade William Schaus Sr [1820–1892] sold the business to his nephew Herman Schaus and Augustus W. Conover, his brother-in-law. In the following year he grandly saluted the Metropolitan Museumwith a letter to Louis di Cesnola, its director: “It is my wish that my children should forward something to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.” He proposed a gift of five works, a “statue in marble” by Raffaele Monti and paintings by Blaise Degoffe, Charles Hermann-Leon, Emile Renouf, and Leon-Germain Pelouse.27

So passe have these artists become that a serch through the pages of such a standard reference work as Robert Rosenblum and H.W. Janson’s compensious 19th Century Art turns up a reference to only one of the five: Monti. 28"

“Landscape with figures : A History of Art Dealing in the United States.” Macolm Goldstein via

1860: Minneapolis Institute of Arts

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