Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yorkshire Terriers

These dogs have a terrible reputation. Having looked after many normal-sized dogs, I bit the the bullet and got two of my own. I chose this breed as they are moult-free, and I can get on public transport without taking up half the carriage/seats. [Though I have see someone clutching an Alsation on their lap on the top deck of a bus in Piccadilly Circus.]

I do think they are dead common, especially with the red ribbon, which is there to pull all the hair between their eyes out of the way. I just trim it. They are small, but they are dogs, and as such need as much exercise as any other size dog. Plus they are not toys, and should not be carried around as if they are handbags.

Despite their size, they need to know that their owner is the top dog, and need to be put in their place. Dogs are pack animals and a yapping dog is one that is trying to defend the pack.

If these points aren't taken into account, you have a yapping rat on a string.

Still it's quite handy as I have had loads of gangs cross the road to avoid the embarassment of being mauled by something the size of a shoebox!


Trashbinder said...

A friend from junior school, Sharon Buttery, had a Yorkshire Terrier called Beryl. Beryl was fond of attacking all visitors and the post would often be shredded by the time Sharon arrived home from school.

Beryl was fond of sleeping on the stairs. One morning Sharon's Mother, Doreen, was in a rush to leave the house. Doreen ran a chintzy market stall in the nearby dreary town of Brownhills. She sold glittery belts and cheap accessories. The market stall was the mecca for underprivileged ladies whose pinnacle of entertainment was the working mens club on a Saturday night.

I digress, Doreen ran down the stairs in her heels and pierced poor Beryl through the chest. According to Sharon she couldn't work out which bitch was making the most noise that morning.

Poor Beryl, R.I.P.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies said...

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