Monday, October 03, 2005

Bitter? Moi?

Many thanks to Trashbinder for the link. Still don't know how to rename links, but url is below. Great for downloading obscure tracks.

Hiding out at ancestral pile to get away from baliffs, mice infestation and ebay invoices. Picture is from friends place. I introduced her to ebay in January, and she now has hundreds of cat ornaments covering every surface. Her feedback rating is nearly 400! And you thought ebay was for secondhand mobiles/cellphones and dodgy ipods.

Commenters seemed to enjoy my first post, and as it's been a year, what with forgetting my password, I thought it was time for an update.

Well, havn't seem much of ex since he came over a couple of months ago, and watched internet porn for 5 hours on the trot. I gave a moue of irritation, and had another hour of psychodrama directed at me. Well I did have to get on with my dusting. At least I can forget about having to take Viagra. Forget about strokes, you can't enjoy a post-coital glow, when your nose is completely blocked. [Apparently nasal passages contain erectile tissue. Who knew?]

We could have had alot of fun, though his waiting for a kidney transplant didn't help matters. though I had to draw the line at the "free holiday as drug mules" idea.

I had been hoping that his circling of butch chav neighbour would come to something and help close a chapter. Ex was first point of call when said neighbour's wife was about to give birth. The minute ex's back was turned, he found hairy neighbour propped up in bed starkers. "Do what ever you want." Things is, we all know straight blokes have helium heels when they're in bed with another man, and this bloke was built like a brick shithouse! I think it would shatter ex's illusions re masculinity, and excuses were made and neighbour left. The neighbour's brother's not much cop either, now it's not just coke, but syphilis too. And the cheeky c*** had the cheek to say that ex could do better than me!

Don't think ex really got over an assignation I had in the park, at 2.0am. Well it was during a heatwave, and short of dragging her on her lead, it was the coolest part of the day to walk her. Having appearred out of the bushes, handsome stranger and myself chatted for over an hour about life and art, before I twigged why this he was patting dogs in the park in the middle of the night. Talk about slow on my part. Who said yorkshire terriers were bad for your image?

My psychiatrist has been promoted to post-partum depression, so I will have to wait to see if anyone is prepared to take on my case. Last time I saw my file , they brought it in on a trolley. He looked up my old referral for psychotherapy for something to do:- "subject seems ambivalent about analytic process." I am now, I thought, you greek b****. I hadn't noticed before that his office was just past a sign saying "MENTAL HEALTH CORRIDOR." Well it made me laugh.

I did have a referral to an Occupational Therapist, with an idea to me living on the sale of my sculpture, she even 'googled' me before our first meeting, but her idea of getting things started was to ring the Arts Council! [Sort of the British equivalent of the National Endowment for the Arts.]

Went to a friend's show of her mature students artwork this summer. I was asked what I did and replied, "professional nutter." Couldn't understand the froideur, until I was told that all the students were psychologists/therapists.

Ta ra for now.

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Trashbinder said...

More stories about the ex, if you please. I am sure these will be deliciously entertaining.

I see you're a Shampayne fan too. She is such a lovely girl, is she not?

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