Tuesday, October 04, 2005

If I gave her the wool, would she make me one too?


Materials: 4 oz. Patons Beehive Fingering, 3-ply, for large size; 3 oz. for small size. A pair No. 13 "Beehive needles.

Measurements: Large size to fit 36-38 inch hips, 33 inch waist. Small size to fit 34-36 inch hips, 29 inch waist.

Tension: 9 stitches to an inch. N.B. - Instructions for small size in brackets.

Front. Cast on 114 (92) sts. very loosely and work 2 1/2 inches k. 1, p. 1 rib. Change to stocking-stitch and increase at each end of next and every following 4th row until there are 132 (124) sts. Work straight until front measures 10 1/4 (91/4) inches from start, ending with a purl row. Continue thus:- 1ST ROW: Kint to last 4 sts., turn. 2ND ROW: Purl to last 4 sts., turn. 5TH ROW: Knit to last 9 sts., turn. 6TH ROW: Purl to last 9 sts., turn.

7TH ROW: Knit to last 12 sts., turn. 8TH ROW: Purl to last 12 sts., turn. 9TH ROW: Knit to last 15 sts., turn. 10th ROW: Purl to last 15 sts., turn.

11TH ROW: Knit 51 (47) turn, leaving remaining sts. on a spare needle. 12TH ROW: Purl to last 3 sts., turn. 13TH ROW: Knit. 14TH ROW: Purl to last 6 sts., turn. 15TH ROW: Purl to last 9 sts., turn. 17TH ROW: Knit.

Continue thus, working 3 sts. less at end of every purl row until 3 (2) remain. Change to k. 1, p. 1 rib and work over all 66 (62) sts. for 12 (12) row. Cast off loosely in rib using double wool. Join wool to stitches with right side facing, working the 3 sts. less at end of every knit row until 3 (2) remain.

Back. Work rib as far front and continue thus :- 1ST ROW: k. 63 (52), turn. 2ND ROW: k.24 (20), turn. 4TH ROW: p. 30 (26), turn. 5TH ROW: k. 36 (32), turn. 6TH ROW: p 42 (38), turn.

Continue thus, working 6 more sts. on every row until all are in stocking-stitch. Now work exactly as for front, starting leg shapings when stocking-stitch measures 7 3/4 (6 3/4) inches at side edge.

GUSSET. Cast on 3 sts., work in stocking-stitch, increasing at each end of needle on every knit row until there are 53 (47) sts. Now decrease at each end of every alternate row until 3 remain. Cast off and make another piece the same.

TABS. Cast on 8 sts., and work 1 3/4 inches k. 2, p. 1 rib. Cast off and make 3 more the same.

TO MAKE UP. Press work lightly on wrong side under a damp cloth, avoiding rib, then join side seams. Sew together gusset pieces, back to back, then insert gusset so that bottom of fold comes just below top of rib. Turn down waist rib to make a hem and stitch, allowing for stretch. Run in a plait of thread elastic. Sew on tabs.

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Love Hate Tragedy said...

Fuck. Knitted swimwear. Guaranteed to give the boys an eyeful after you get out of the pool.

My mother knitted some trunks for me, but they ended up going extra large once immersed and I couldn't keep them up once wet.

My arse and small boy's tackle were on full view. I was mortified.