Friday, October 07, 2005

This n' That

Came across this as a pattern for some babies booties. It's actually material availiable as coats for greyhounds. []

Saw Derek [Big Brother 6] playing tennis in the park this evening. He was giving out girly squeals each time he hit the ball. I shook my head as I thought, I've seen you doing gymnastics in a mauve leotard.

Spoke to the ex for the first time in ages. Told him about the attention he had recieved recently in this blog. Took it quite well, considering. He'd been sweating that I'd been emailing naked pictures of him to his mother in Cape Town.

Took me a long time to realise, and hence the bitterness, that despite all the growing up with swimming pools and servants, his thing is chavs, ala "Maurice." I'm more the bohemian [Catweazle] type, Hence why I couldn't understand his patience [drooling] over lumpen friend who nearly thumped me for accidentally outing him. Still, coke and syphilis is keeping that one busy, and he recently spent a night in the cells care of the gay domestic police team for trashing the new flat of rich other-half. His straight brother's got a staffie now, with a burberry collar, and seems to have forgotten his experiments with his sexuality. I am begining to realise being well-covered and a cockney accent, plus track suit and cap is the gay equivalent of a dollybird in this neck of the woods.

I have been wracking my brains for an amusing episode, but can't see how to relate the one weekend that sticks in my mind. I enjoyed the attentions of, in the space of 3 days with:- a peado in the loony bin in some mad desire to convert, and a devotee of yellow and brown the evening I was discharged, on the pretext of ex teaching me how to cruise, and trainee teenage rentboy.

I'd gone in to loony bin gibbering at the news that ex was planning a threesome with delivery boy at work, only to recover having my vomit eaten, by making up numbers in said threesome. It was then I realised, looking at the body of a greek god belonging someone of legal, but nearly half my age, that despite the depths of my naivety, I was no longer the young ingenue.

I have in the past been the plaything of men rich, and richer, but I felt this was my cue to bow gracefully off the stage.

[I have considered renaming this blog "Too Much Information," if I only knew how!

In Other News:

From the makers of South Park


Bit too graphic for work, but I couldn't stop laughing. Link on right.->


Trashbinder said...

The plaything of men rich and richer, sounds just like a Jackie Collins novel.

Once you've put it down, you can't pick it up again.

Lucinda said...

I pissed myself laughing at 'Princess'. Those Southpark boys are just so naughty.

I was expecting the dog to be really badly behaved, but she doesn't do a great deal.

No matter how many silly voices the creators come up with, you can always hear Eric Cartman.

Anonymous said...

wot a sad sad queen you are

Jezebel said...

At least have the bollocks to leave a name and website, just so we can see how sad you are 'anonymous', which is clearly a euphemism for 'wanker'.

Chlamydiana said...

...and so say all of us.

Dear Anonymous, we like Kleverkloggs. We likey long time.

We no likey you anonymous.

We thinky you should go fucky yourself.

Shampayne said...

I will accept the Burberry booties, of coarse. Its just ME that isnt into waring it at the moment.

You know, my Colin did me such much during the night that I am literally having to push my foo foo back in with a stick. Sore dot com.