Sunday, November 27, 2005


What is this bloke ACTUALLY selling, I wonder?

Did his wife take the picture?


Reluctant Nomad said...

It went for the princely sum of £2.70!

Elaine said...

Good grief. Used swimwear? Gay interest? Really? I always thought 'the gays' were far more picky than that and would insist on very expensive underwear, not to mention brand-new at that.


Trashbinder said...

I wouldn't be surprised if it was some cheap queen attempting to tap into that niche market of homosexuals that seem to like anything that's 'straight acting'.

The swimwear is probably brand-new and straight off some Chinese sweatshop floor. Never even been close to a married man's wedding tackle.


kleverkloggs said...

Well they look pretty worn to me!

Lubin said...

The worst thing I saw on ebay (or perhaps the best) were love letters written by a "straight lad" to his girlfriend. However, it turned out that the person in question was also selling off a large stock of gay magazines at that same time, so it kind of lost any allure it might have had.

RickB said...

have they been sold. have I missed it

Elaine said...

They don't look worn to me either. Just very cheap and shoddily made.

The only wear and tear is probably from facial stubble in the men's changing room. Does anyone actually believe this is a married man? Probably some queen on a get slightly-rich quick scheme.

Loving the lycra shorts that he's selling on eBay at the moment. Now they are semi-interesting.