Friday, November 18, 2005


8.00am load washing machine - tick

9.00am walk dogs in autumn sunshine - tick

10.00am wash off the foul shit dogs rolled in - tick

11.00am start shopping - tick

Stop by printers to find that estimate for promotional material has nearly doubled - tick

2.00pm stop shopping/run out of money - tick

3.00pm shop for madame ex, who has cold - tick

Mad passionate sex - mission aborted

4.00pm offer to clear garden of single mother before pretentious neighbours have her evicted for jungle - tick

5.00pm train to old neighbourhood to visit friend too ill to cook, with packed epicurean dinner- tick

Call ahead to friend from payphone- mission aborted

Cigarette snatched from mouth by well dressed weirdo in street while trying to enter payphone - tick

Response from friend - no reply

Call police, 3 times before getting through - tick

Friend carted off in ambulance unconcious, reasons unknown - tick

Stand under streetlight, while glared by police in local red-light district - tick

Fuck off home with uneaten epicurean dinner - tick

Pull duvet under chin - tick

Ignore dogs smelling like musky vomit - tick

Cigarettes smoked - 37


Trashbinder said...

Gloriously entertaining, without even trying.

Reluctant Nomad said...

you smoked more than i did but i had less dog shit to contend with!

Elaine said...

Epicurean dinner? How wonderful. My beef wellington was good, but not my best effort this week.

Fritto Misto on Saturday lunch time was just superb. I drizzle honey over it before cooking, and it's bloody lovely.

Can't be doing with dogs. Children make enough mess, as it is.

Lee said...

I laughed, even though I shouldn't.

As breathlessly entertaining as ever.