Friday, December 09, 2005


MM: What about your old clothes? Like that outfit you wore in the ‘Happy House' video?

SS: I’ve still got them! I have, I haven't thrown them away. Maybe they’ll go up for auction for something like Greenpeace. My Mojo invitation has gone on the auction site for Greenpeace and it’s gone up to a few hundred pounds. That’s why I need a big house, somewhere to store all my old stuff! My leather outfit with my thigh boots (‘80-’81) actually went to Madame Tussauds. They made a dummy of me. I had to go and get fitted, and they had to measure my eyes and they had these pincers and you think you're gonna get your eye pulled out! And actually you see the eyeballs that they’re gonna give you. So I think early on they had me in my leather but I’ll have to ask them ‘Have you still got my outfit?’… ’Can I have it back?', ‘What happened to the dummy?’

Fab interview with the lady herself. I wish somebody had taken me to the original production of The Rocky Horror Show at 14!

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Trashbinder said...

Siouxsie is wonderful. 'Right Now' by The Creatures is still one of my favourite singles of all time.

Favourite Banshees track would have to be 'Peek A Boo'.