Thursday, February 09, 2006


If you can remember the days when Pete Burns was cool 'cos he wore Dean Bright's purple dressing gowns the same month they were in the Face, well check out this entry on Lady Bunny, or perhaps not. Link below.

Not safe for lunchtime, you may lose it, your lunch I mean.


Captain Colobus said...

I know porn chic is in these days, but in my eyes he's just trying to be the Wirral's Pamela Harrison.


Midgie Allsop said...

Nothing more unattractive than an old pair of bollocks, swinging for all to see. Seeing as he is majorly into surgery, he should know that a scrotum lift is all the rage in Hollywood.

Along with anal bleaching, of course.

Katherine's Uterus said...

Hey, where are you Mister? I know you're not dead, but we miss you and your lovely blog.

More stories, s'il vous plait!