Thursday, February 09, 2006

What's that smell?

Well, I don't know what to say. I'm beginning to wonder if I died and just haven't realised. No wait, that's Nicole kidman in "The Others."

Was in court yesterday, as witness in the continuing saga of mystery person's lovelife. Glad we were on our way out when a legal looking person came up to the two gentlemen we had been sitting next to for quite a while, and said "but you ARE down as being connected to Jamaican drug lords."

Went to see a friend who hasn't washed or dressed for nearly three months now. And I felt bad about not blogging. It's supposed to be good for your mental health now. Don't think a juicy libel case would be though.

Thinking of sending a valentine card to ex's dog, just to stir things up a bit. Though the last time I spoke to him an ex-colleague had gone bunny boiler on him. I've seen this situation develop before. Bless him, he does have a certain charisma, and nutters love to project their self-hatred on him, especially when they realise they won't be gathering a following like his.

Been working on the parody blog, working title "Sunset Bitch" main character "Sharon Stroke." Problem is, a blog is all in first person, and it's hard to see how to work in all the other characters, to flesh them out a little more than background shadows. Got a wonderful profile pic though, from a site covering partial masks for transexuals.

Other than that, unless they would allow a civil partnership with my dogs, there's nothing else really to report.

Ta ra Kleverkloggs.


Trashbinder said...

Send that card! You know you want to.

Make sure you write all about it when the fireworks go off.

I *heart* a good ole' fashioned bitch fight.

Cupid Stunt said...

Oh, I would send the ex a card too, and sign it from someone he hates.

Call me a stirrer, but Valentine's Day was made for shitting people up.

Elaine said...

Such naughtiness. You are awful, Mr Kloggs, but I like you.